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Reference Linking for Open Archives
Working towards becoming a registered service provider with the Open Archives Initiative and complying with the Santa Fe Convention

What OpCit is doing
  • Integrating and developing software solutions for reference linking in large-scale Open Archives
  • Improving author and user interfaces for the archives
  • Defining the operational semantics of documents (digital objects) to allow perfect linking
  • Modelling interoperability between linking services and other digital library services
  • Building interfaces to other linked information environments
  • Promoting author self-archiving
What you can do at this site
Our sister project EPrints.org is developing free software to enable you to set up your own Open Archives-compliant institutional archive

Fast facts

OpCit is a three year R&D project that officially began in October 1999. The detailed scope of OpCit is described in the project proposal
Funded by the Joint NSF - JISC International Digital Libraries Research Programme
R&D centres: Southampton University (UK), Cornell University (USA), Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA)... more
Related projects: The Open Journal Project (to 1998), Dienst, FEDORA
Collaborating partners: NEC Princeton, University of Ghent, Openly Informatics, Inc. (USA), SLAC-SPIRES (USA), Highwire Press (USA), Queen Mary Westfield College, London, American Physical Society, California Digital Library, International DOI Foundation, Dublin Core Working Group on Bibliographic Citations ... more. Services from our partners
Associated organisations: Association for Computing Machinery, British Computer Society ... more
Mission: Scale-Interoperability-Universality
  • Scale: to attempt to hyperlink each of the over 100,000 papers in Los Alamos's unique online Physics Archive to every other paper in the archive that it cites 
  • Interoperability: to develop and integrate a family of generic linking tools and to design author and user interfaces to enable easy adoption by other archives, services and publishers 
  • Universality: to promote the power of this new way of navigating the scientific journal literature and induce authors in other fields to create interlinked online archives like Los Alamos across disciplines and around the world 
Keywords: digital libraries, open archives, eprint archives, reference linking
The OpCit project is funded by the Joint NSF - JISC International Digital Libraries Research Programme.
Steve Hitchcock our Project Manager
Tel: +44 (0)23 8059 4479
Fax: +44 (0)23 8059 2865

OR POST TO: OpCit Project,
IAM (Intelligence, Agents, Multimedia) Research Group,
Department of Electronics & Computer Science,
University of Southampton,
SO17 1BJ, UK

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