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Evaluation | V1.0 demo evaluation
Produced August 2000

V 1.0 demo: evaluation by arXiv authors: summary

Should the projectís demonstrator of citation linking for the physics archives be adopted as a real service, then users of that service would be the intended beneficiaries. This questionnaire-based evaluation, managed via email, was intended to get preliminary feedback from those users. It was not meant to be a detailed evaluation, which would not be appropriate for the first (v 1.0) demonstrator. Instead, it was designed to obtain simple responses that would confirm (or not) the validity of the approach and to prompt comments that would guide the implementation of subsequent versions.

Circulation of the questionnaire was restricted to less than 100 users, at the request of our colleagues at Los Alamos. In an attempt to maximise the response rate, authors of the papers in the demonstrator with most links were selected to receive the questionnaire.

The response suggests a well established community of users with well focussed needs.

Main findings

arXiv authors results in detail.
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